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4 Easy Steps towards Your New Career


Deciding on a new career path or updating your skill set? Here is something to think about:
It's never too late for change... only you have the power!

Are you...
  • unemployed or laid off?
  • unhappy with your current job or career situation?
  • out of advancement opportunities?
  • secure with your job in the future?
  • in control of your future?
  • in a dead-end job?

If you could check off one or more of these, we understand the difficulties you may face in attaining your career goals. We have helped many talented people rise above frustration and uncertainty. If accepted, Tier One offers guidance and education to those who are looking to start a new career, change careers, or enhance their skills.


Choose the Right School to
Start Your Journey
Gain Industry Focused Knowledge & Enter the Job Market

Don't settle! There are many factors to consider when choosing the right school. Here are some ways to differentiate Tier One from other schools.

Tier One delivers a full range of IT training and healthcare training through flexible and innovative learning methods. Our hands-on training programs are designed on the hiring needs of local employers. With our clients' input, we tailor our training programs to the needs of the industry, giving our students a distinct advantage. Tier One offers diploma programs in specialized industry related training that results in industry recognized certifications versus associate or bachelor degrees.

  • Microsoft Partner for Learning Solutions
  • CompTIA Partner for Learning Solutions
  • Positive and Success-Driven Learning Environment
  • Short Term Specialized Training Towards Industry Certification
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Small Teacher to Student Ratio


Learn How Critical Certifications Are
Certifications enhance experience and skills. Don't limit your potential and growth!

Nationally recognized certifications are the true measure of specific skills and knowledge of an individual. Certifications help you to obtain professional recognition, demonstrate your competencies, and make your resume stand out from other candidates.





Our unique learning method incorporates a "SEE IT, READ IT, DO IT" approach. This multi-sensory approach is core to our training program. Through our blended learning methods, you will be viewing content with an interactive instructor while having a live instructor in the room. Learning skills from your book, utilizing web-based reinforcement programs, and taking part in hands-on activities will ensure knowledge retention. The content will allow you to control your pace of the lectures. You can spend more time on some topics, less on others, or pause to ask your instructor questions, providing you with real world examples.


Learn How We Help You Succeed
Individualized Attention
and Job Placement Assistance

Tier One Careers is setting the bar higher so you can go further. The following resources are always available to our students:

  • Student Services
  • Job Placement Assistance Program
  • Certified Instructors
  • Flash Cards
  • Pre & Post-Training Knowledge Assessment

Student Services: Students who are accepted to Tier One will work one-on-one with the Director of Student Services, who will guid the student throughout the program, developing a course schedule, help them successfully complete their chosen program and achieve their career goals in the Information Technology or Healthcare field.

Job Placement Assistance Program: Tier One offers career development through the Job Placement Assistance Program. We currently have a working relationship with staffing companies and our business clients in order to help you get back into the workforce. Tier One does not guarantee employment.

Certified Instructors: Our instructors are not only certified professional educators but create a rich learning environment by bringing real world examples into the classroom every day. They adjust their pace and instruction to meet their students' needs.

Achieving your dream can be a reality. We provide the tools for you to succeed with a new career and a new life.


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Deciding on a new career path or updating your skill set? It’s never too late for change... only you have the power!

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Weeks, Not Years

Get the professional certifications employers are looking for in weeks instead of years needed to complete a college degree

More Affordable

Career-focused IT and healthcare training and certification is more affordable than most college degree programs.

In-Person Training

At Tier One Careers we make sure you have a live in-person instructor in your classroom to assist with questions, troubleshoot any issues and provide guidance and mentorship.

Job Placement Assistance

Career counselors are available to work with you, and can serve as a liaison between you and potential employers.


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