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I.T. and Healthcare Jobs in Allentown and Wilkes Barre

Seeking IT or Healthcare Jobs in Allentown, or Wilkes Barre? Tier One Careers of Wilkes-Barre and  Allentown offers IT and Healthcare job placement assistance through our comprehensive Job Placement Assistance Program.

For more information contact us at jobplacement@nhnepa.com or complete the form on this page.

Our 7 Step Job Placement Program

Career Assessments

Students will discuss long term and short term career goals.

STAGE: Start of Training

Career Meetings

Periodic meetings with the Student Services Coordinator to discuss classes’ progression and certifications goals.

STAGE: During Program

Job Placement Workshops

Resumes & Cover Letters
Professional Development
Customer Service Skill Development
*Download flyer for details

STAGE: 50% of Program Completed

Update Resume

Student Services will assist students with the tools they need on how to build a professional resume and cover letter.

STAGE: 50% Through Graduation

Job Leads

Once Student Services receives your final resume they will send you job leads based upon your program.

STAGE: 75% of Program Completed

Company Contacts

Send final resume to staffing companies and corporate companies for potential employment.

STAGE: 75% of Program Completed

Mock Interviews

Students will participate in a simulated interview and receive graduation feedback you would hear from a hiring manager.

STAGE: Graduation

Develop Job Interview Skills

Download our Job Placement Chart PDF

Students who are enrolled in an IT, Healthcare, or Office Support diploma program or course(s) that lead to at least two industry certifications are eligible to participate. Our extensive Job Placement Assistance Program helps to identify long term and short term career goals, provides professional development for your resume via workshops, sends you job leads in our local area, helps you to practice interviewing skills by conducting mock interviews, and much more. Finding employment in Wilkes Barre, Allentown, and Reading can be a full time endeavor, so we are here to assist you in your career search. Throughout your enrollment in our Job Placement Assistance Program, you will be given a multitude of tools, in combination with your training that will help you to be successful in your job search.

We currently have working relationships with local staffing companies in Wilkes Barre and Allentown to help our students find IT, Healthcare, and Office Support jobs that are relevant to their program course of study. We also have partnerships with our business clients through our “Hire Our Graduates” program, to assist in providing job placement assistance. Informal networking opportunities are readily available at our three schools, as our classes contain corporate professionals from prominent companies of NEPA, Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. Our Job Placement Coordinators will keep a copy of the student’s final resume on file so they may refer their resume to local companies and staffing agencies that are currently seeking prospective candidates for employment. Many of our students have graduated from our programs and gone on to find lucrative and fulfilling careers, directly related to the training they received at Tier One Careers.

*Note: Tier One Careers does not guarantee employment.*

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